Treat you right; I want to.

Speak to you gently; I long to.

Uplift you; I yearn to.

Build you up; I want to.


I have fallen short of my good intentions.


I cut you down.

I dress you down.

I demean you.

I dismiss you.


I look out for any little mistake you make.


I pounce on you.

I devour you.

I shun you.

I shame you.


I burn you down with my words.


Not perfect yet?

I loathe you.

Are you showing signs of weakness?

Keep off me!


Oh! Poor you.

Oh! Dear me.

Oh! Poor us.

Oh! What to do now?


How do I build up this bridge I destroyed?

How do I breach this gap between us?

How do I heal these wounds I inflicted on you?

How do I bridge the chasm between us?


Let me go!

Release me!

Love me!

Forgive me!


These are the flimsy tokens I can offer you for now.


I know it will take time.

I know it is a process.

I understand it is a journey.

It takes time to build the trust that I broke and heal your wounded heart.


I am all in, let us take it at your pace.

Test and prove me to your content.

But I implore you, don’t shut me out.

Don’t push me out of your life.