I am seething, enraged, broken, and hurt.

I long for respect, understanding, empathy, and companionship.

Why do you neglect this cup of mine that you’ve drunk dry?

Why do you yell and demand that I fill your cup to the brim?

I have poured myself out over and over again.

You have drunk of me gustily, greedily.

You care not if there’s anything left for me.

I am taking care of me now.

No longer will I spend me dry.

I will keep a reserve for me.

Now I quench my thirst first before I pour out unto you.

It makes you mad?

You don’t appreciate me any more, now that I am holding back?

It is well.

I wish you well.

I will not let you drink from my well.

I now have boundaries.

I care for me.

It was long overdue.