Welcome to my blog. Thank you for taking the time to read it.



No, I can’t go yet! I have so many books to write. So many wrongs I need to right. So many cars to ride into the tide of life.   No! I cannot leave yet. There are songs that I must sing. Be it is only to the moon. In the darkest of nights!  


River flowing. What a sight. Water meandering. What a sound. Trees, aligning the water bank.   Relaxing. Reminiscing. Nature, what a delightful sight. Reclining, refreshing. The stream flows.   Feet and toes are malaxing. Massaging, hydrating. Fingers and palms are caressing. Eyes are closing, muscles loosening in bliss relaxing.  


Eyes, darting, here and there. Fingers, dancing, enlacing, releasing. Feet, shifting, this way that way. The wait isn’t easy.   Heart racing, mouth dry. Cold sweat breaking, trickling, pouring. Body heated up. Tummy rumbling, butterflies fluttering, floating.   A sigh of relief, the wait is over now. Paralysing fear’s dark cobwebs now recede, fading away. …


Hello. I am Osiro.

I would like to simply share with you, my personal impressions.

Of the world without,the emotions they stir up within.

With my own words try to paint pictures of both.


Osiro Nyar Kepha,

Chemin de Val sec , les Pennes Mirabeau,