Welcome to my blog. Thank you for taking the time to read it.



  I always thought I had tomorrow. Each new day was mine to dispose of at will, or so I thought. I squandered and wasted today. I got hung up on yesterday, relieving and regretting my choices. I was oblivious to the fact that today was slowly withering and dying.  I woke up to reality. …


  It is here, alright. I tried to hide it from myself to no avail. I have been running away from it. I now realize that I have been going around in circles towards it. So, here I am now. It is time to face my fears. No longer am I running away.  


  How do I believe in life, in the face of death? How do I practice hospitality while I am in self-preservation mode? How do I share when there is a fear of scarcity? How do I hope when the future seems so bleak? What do I hold onto when there seems to be no …


Hello. I am Osiro.

I would like to simply share with you, my personal impressions.

Of the world without,the emotions they stir up within.

With my own words try to paint pictures of both.


Osiro Nyar Kepha


BP 47

13170 les Pennes Mirabeau,