Welcome to my blog. Thank you for taking the time to read it.



There are places you don’t dare go. Places you don’t dare tread. Some places are better left unknown. Places better left unexplored.   There are moments when time stands still. Moments when mine isn’t the will. Some moments deeply move my core. Moments that cruelly rip off the mask I wore.  


Incoherent, jumbled words. A cocktail, a fruit salad. Teetering, staggering from the load. The weight of the confessions they carry.   Grateful, deeply moved, for the letter was read. Time is precious, yours graciously, you offered. This precious commodity she gobbled. She drank it up, no drop left.   An apology she offers. For the …


“What have I done wrong?”You asked me. Many thoughts spiralled into the bottomless abyss of my mind. “Where to start?”, I wondered. “What to tell you?”, I pondered “Would you take it?” I did not know. I can’t answer your question, just yet. I am too full, you see. Full of wrath. Full of rage. …


Hello. I am Osiro.

I would like to simply share with you, my personal impressions.

Of the world without,the emotions they stir up within.

With my own words try to paint pictures of both.


Osiro Nyar Kepha,

Chemin de Val sec , les Pennes Mirabeau,