Welcome to my blog. Thank you for taking the time to read it.



  The clouds are gathering. They are heavy and dark. The storm is brewing. The wind is howling, lightning flashes and thunder rolls.   Bring in the shoes! The storm is raging. Shut all the windows. The rain is pelting, pouring.   The shoes were left alone. Forgotten, forsaken, they were. They are all wet, …


  I am mad at you. The anger I feel towards you is burning my insides. This rage is eroding my serenity. I am tense, restless, edgy, and irritable. I am rancorous. I am on the verge of erupting. I am about to spew molten lava and sulphurous words upon your unsuspecting soul.  


  You said you are sorry; I forgave you. I keep my distance now, for I am nursing my wounds. You flung your frustration and wrath at me. It wasn’t physically abusive; neither was it vulgar. It was violent, nonetheless. I felt loathed, disdained, and disregarded by you.   I would lie to say that …


Hello. I am Osiro.

I would like to simply share with you, my personal impressions.

Of the world without,the emotions they stir up within.

With my own words try to paint pictures of both.


Osiro Nyar Kepha


BP 47

13170 les Pennes Mirabeau,