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It made him laugh; it weighed me down. He enjoyed the effort made to bring humour into the tragic reality of malady in life. I let the weight of despair and a vicious cycle of the havoc caused by a lingering illness overwhelm me. When the film came to an end, a hush fell over …


I have what it takes. Do I? They have what it takes. Do they? We have what it takes. Do we? For real? For sure? For a fact? When it is all weighed; In the balance of time and life lived. In words kept, truth not told. In the balance of things done, and those …


You hoped for a better day but saw the dark, bleak night of clandestinity. You hoped for the warmth of a refuge but felt the cruel, icy cold, deadly grip of the deep dark sea. You hoped for a better future, a better life, but you sank into oblivion. Your last breath snuffed out, without …


Hello. I am Osiro.

I would like to simply share with you, my personal impressions.

Of the world without,the emotions they stir up within.

With my own words try to paint pictures of both.


Chemin de Val sec , les Pennes Mirabeau, France