Ding dong.

Bells are ringing.

Choirs are singing.

Streets lighted.


It’s that time of year again.

It’s the same old story.

It’s a frantic rush, to get the present, the gift.

Preparing us a meal, the perfect feast is urgent.


It’s strange how this time of the year,

We sing about sharing good cheer.

Yet, many are shipwrecked.

Many are forgotten.


Oh, how strange it is.


That when there is so much light around us.

There are many hidden in plain sight.

They’re sidelined, abandoned by me, by us.

For it is dark beneath our lamp.


Our tables are full.

Their tummies are empty.

Our bags overflow with gifts.

Their hands are empty.


Our soul longs for more.

Their soul longs for more.


We meet at the same place.

We yearn for a soul that is not lean.

We desire a soul that is well fed.

We feed on the same thing.


These are our nourishment:

Love, companionship, healthy relationships, 


Wholeness we so hunger for deep inside.


So, ding dong bell.

Open my soul.

Lights bright.

Brighten my heart.


Gifts abundant.

May I share more.

Sharing fills me up.

When I give, I receive.


It is that time of year again.

Season greeting.

Sharing and being of good cheer.

We reach out to receive more.


Oh, may we, may I, open my heart and genuinely care.