She is three in one, or maybe even more.


She’s unapologetic, unwavering.

She morphs, transforms.

She peels off layers.

She adorns new ones.


She is more than a woman.

She is a queen.

She is a girl at heart.

She is a princess.


She is reserved.

She is water.

She is fierce.

She is fire.


She is the wind.

She is independent.

She is nourishment.

She is a mother.


She is free.

She is a cat.

She is wild.

She is a lioness.


With each transformation, she puts on her armour.


She puts on her adornment.

She wears her precious makeup.

She puts on her statement, her lipstick.

She adorns her lips and morphs.


Read her lips, and you will know who she is today.

Are you game?