She laughs a lot.

She shouts a lot.

She cries a lot.

She yells a lot.


She has no middle ground.

She goes all out.

She goes the extra mile.

She pours herself out.


She’s empty often.

She’s lonely always.

She’s mistaken sometimes.

She keeps it all in.


She is self-sufficient.

She is resilient.

She is a fighter.

She takes it all well, you think. 


She bounces back up from all.

Unscathed, whole, uninjured.

It’s a mirage; all is make believe.

She morphs, she changes.


She is a crab.

Hard on the outside and soft inside.

She is an oyster.

The hard shell guards the soft flesh within.


The soft, delicate flesh of her yearning heart jealously guarded.


She smiles a lot.

She laughs a lot.

She jokes a lot.

She listens a lot.


Don’t let these different facets fool you. 

For she is hiding, in plain sight.