Long tunnel.

What a lonely, dark, dreary tunnel I am inside.

An endless tunnel that twists and turns.

What an oppressive tunnel I am navigating.


How long must I walk?

How long must I tread?

How long must I dread?

How long must I balk?


Dreams shattered.

Dreams withered.

Dreams evaporate.

Dreams dried up.


Like dew drops in the noonday sun.


I scream.

I cry.

I yell.

I groan.


Oh, my dear dream.


Let you go; I can’t.

No matter how far you seem.

No matter how futile you appear.

No matter how stupid I seem.


For you see, dear dream.


You are my lifeline.

You make me see life differently.

You reveal to me new possibilities.

You make me come alive.


Lonely, yes.

All alone.

Misunderstood, yes.

Disregarded sometimes.


Even most of the times!


But dream on, I will.

Fail forward is the motto.

One day, at a time.

One dream moment, after the other.


So, let’s go, dear dream.

Let’s conquer the world.

Reveal to me, who I am.

Let’s be the best of who we are!