Enjoy the moment.

Relish the journey.

Inhabit the process.

It takes time to smell the roses.

Be gentle with yourself.

Be kind to yourself.


I have heard the above words over and over again.

Yet, they always seem to miss the mark.


The restlessness.

The anxiety.

The “what do they think about me”?

The self-bashing.

The self-loathing.

The self-sabotaging.


These dark thoughts and forebodings have wrung me dry.

Oh! Please simplify it for me.

Do tell me how to get out of this oppressive, suffocating labyrinth.

I am exhausted from fighting with myself.


I so want to change.


I close my eyes.

I take a deep breath.

I slowly exhale.

I let my body unwind.

I look outside at the winter morning that is awakening.

Fragile tender shoots stand despite their frailty, defying the cold.


I finally understand.

Moment by moment, minute by minute, second by second.

Every single breath I take is a victory.

I will stand where I am, with the little strength I have.

I will acknowledge and celebrate every tiny victory.

I will keep on crawling, staggering, and inching forward.


I am still here despite the winter blizzards that almost froze me to death.

My soul stands worn out and cold but holding on.

It is a precious victory for me.

I am here in this moment.

I am alive.

I will thrive!