Her mind is tightly wound and tense.

Anxious thoughts run to and fro, intensely competing for her attention.

She bunches her fingers into an unyielding fist.

Her knuckles groan and beg for release from the tight grip. 

Her breathing is shallow, heavy, choppy, and contrived.

The iron claws of fear tighten around her chest.

Her frozen, raised shoulders look on, helpless.

Her belly squeezes in, trying to escape the chaos.




She lifts her dazed countenance and reigns in her wayward thoughts.

She breathes in deeply and slowly exhales.

The tension and strain in her soul reluctantly step aside.

She allows herself to fall into the moment.

She vacates the limbo of “yesterday’s regrets and tomorrow’s dreads.”

“It’s okay to take it a step at a time,” she coaxes herself.

She moves forward, hesitant, and bites into her day.

She chews slowly and swallows, savouring each mouthful of her fleeting life.