It feels good.

It is rejuvenating.

It is awesome.

It is lovely.


I am in the spotlight.

I am appreciated.

I am a celebrity.

I am an object of admiration.


I smile.

I laugh.

I soar.

I strut.


Now stop!


I have smelled the roses.

I have enjoyed the recognition.

I have the trophy, it is lovely. I appreciate it.

I have your attention, and I don’t take it for granted.


Now stop!


I sell my trophy.

I get off the stage.

I withdraw from the public eye.

I put on anonymity.


Why do I efface my achievements?


I set aside my accomplishments, for my life is in the grind.

I grow in the repetitive drudgery of sharpening my skill.

Notoriety, glory, and fame are but for a moment.

My real life is out of the spotlight, that is where I blossom.


I work; I push myself daily. 

My glory is in the grind.

I am not mighty in the ring.

I am a fierce warrior in the grind.


I toil.

I sweat.

I labour.

I stretch.


I push myself.

I strive to improve my skills.

I work my guts out daily.

It is my life, and I have come to love it.


Step by step, I become a better version of myself than I was yesterday.

So, I grind and grow!