Go down the rabbit hole, but be careful.


Watch your back.

Be on your toes.

For you never know what might jump on you.


Whatever glitters is a mirage.


Tread carefully, for it is hypnotic.

It is a deadly trap.

Keep a firm hold on yourself.

Don’t accept anything tantalizing.


Resist the seductive things, that drop before you.

Keep your mind sharp and aware.

Think about what you are thinking.

Hunt down and destroy every deceptive thought.

Think twice when the deal is too good.


Let this be your mantra.

Hold it tight, for it is your lifeline.

It will save you from the treacherous snares that lie in wait.

Never forget that a rabbit hole is a dangerous place. 

Things are not what they appear to be.


Weigh each information carefully, calmly, and deliberately.

You will thus unravel each lie.

Exposing it and neutralizing it.

You will thus be able to navigate with ease, the rabbit hole of the human mind.