I am scared.

I cannot move.

I cannot breathe.

I tremble and shake.


My mouth is dry.

My heartbeat is a drum.

My knees are wobbly.

My hands are clammy.


My mind is blank.

My eyes are haggard.

My nose flares.

My stomach is a knot.


I am terrified.

I am anxious.

I am worried.

I am stuck.


Oh! What do I do?


Do I cringe?

Do I stop?

Do I quit?

Do I run?


Do I persevere?

Do I push past the fear?

Do I tread though it is not clear?

Do I move forward though none cheers?


I will give it a try.

I have nothing to lose.

I have all to gain.

I will do it afraid.


Dear me, I release you.

Enjoy the journey, embrace your failures. 

Take pleasure in your small victories.

Be kind to yourself; this is the oxygen that will take you to the summit.