It’s daybreak.

As the sun rays coyly caress the sky, I arise from my restless slumber. 

I rummage through the jumble of thoughts in my foggy mind.


I don’t know how to feel about this new dawn.

My heart is bubbly, optimistic, hopeful, anxious, wary, and fearful.

The dark cloud of foreboding about the future is trying to stifle my soul.


A warm beam of sunlight permeates my mind dissipating the fog.

My mind negotiates with my soul, reminding her that I can still enjoy my today.

I cautiously peer outside at the golden rays of sunshine.


“You are alive,” whispers the sun as it kisses my upturned face.


My countenance lights up, hopeful.

Maybe this is reason enough to be optimistic.

The mellow sunlight is a foretaste of a better day.