Christmas tree, jingles, and tinsel merrily humming.

Welcoming fireside generously beckoning. 

Bright blinding flashing lights dancing in the chilly night. 

The tantalizing aroma of hot chocolate and roasting chestnuts gently hugging.

Christmas decorations smile brightly, announcing holiday cheer.


It seems so warm and cosy.

It’s such a lovely invitation to cuddle around an inviting fireplace.

Yet, it all feels like make-believe now, for nothing is as it seems.

Some people are shipwrecked, and the light of hope is almost non-existent.

The virus has ravaged the body, soul, and the life essence of many.


So how do we celebrate this festive season?

Is there anything to commemorate?

Is there any good cheer left in the wake of this desolate year?

Oh! I dare believe that there is reason to make merry and spread around good cheer.

For you see, we are still here.


Therefore I propose a toast to you and me.

May the light of hope keep shinning in our lives.

Though broken, diminished, hurt, and grieving, we are still here.

Let us share good cheer, however small it is.

May we rise above the pain and despair of this year.