You said you are sorry; I forgave you.

I keep my distance now, for I am nursing my wounds.

You flung your frustration and wrath at me.

It wasn’t physically abusive; neither was it vulgar.

It was violent, nonetheless.

I felt loathed, disdained, and disregarded by you.


I would lie to say that it shook me.

It didn’t, because our interaction has a sense of déjà vu about it.

I am sad and heartbroken.

The pain is more profound now.

I am tired.

My soul is lonely.


I have made up my mind.

I will not wait for you or anybody else to cherish me.

I guess that has been my biggest mistake.

I have always waited for others to make me happy.

I longed for someone to make me feel whole and accepted.

I have needed people’s approval and validation.


Enough is enough.

I am turning to myself to get what I need.

I don’t have it all together, but I am OK with me.

Though I falter and fall, I still get back on my feet.

My goal now is to be kind to myself, to love, and make me happy.

It is my responsibility.


I have no control over your actions and reactions.

I cannot do anything about other’s opinions of me.

So, I will love myself.

I will cherish me.

I will enjoy myself as I am.

I have made up my mind to take care of myself.