It caught me unawares.

I was going about my life minding my own business. 

I was happy and content keeping to my lane.

I fought shy of other people’s lives, for my cup was full. 


I never saw it coming.

How could I have noticed it?

You see, my nemesis tiptoed on cushioned feet and struck me from behind.

I hit rock bottom, flat on my face as depression walloped me.


I was down, but not out.

“I don’t go down easy,” I reminded myself.

I resolved to stand my ground.

I wasn’t slumping back into that dark abyss.


“I am weak, but I will fight,” I hyped myself up.

It wasn’t going to be pretty, but I was determined to claw, scratch, poke, and bite my way back to life.

I have been wrestling with my foe, moment by moment, minute by minute.

I am inching forward till I get up, even if my feet wobble, I will stand again.