Deeply hurt.

Can’t you see?

I am in pain.

Oh! It is excruciating.


Why stareth thou at my infirmity?

You gauge me.

You dress me down.

Your looks suggest less of a human thou thinkest I am.


Have you ever thought about me as a person?

Have you ever imagined what I have been through to come thus far?

Have you ever experienced the pain I have had to bear? 

Have you ever thought of the battles I have had to fight?


My body aches.

My mind hurts.

My emotions roil.

My heart bleeds.


You look at me, disgusted.

You glance at me, displeased.

Your scathing indifference slaps me.

Your scorning looks burn me.


Do you realize the load you heap upon me?

How would you feel after walking a mile in my shoes? I wonder!