I gave it without a thought.

I gave it liberally.

I gave it willingly.

I gave it stupidly.


I didn’t take time to count the cost.

I didn’t weight the load.

I didn’t measure the depth of it.

I didn’t think much of it.


How I regret the words, I uttered.

But take it back, I cannot.

I am ashamed, but erase it all I can’t.

I must now eat my words.


Oh dear words, you gush forth easily, readily.

You plant yourself firmly and permanently.

You take a life of your own.

You take over my will.


Do you have total control over me?

Or am I using you as a scapegoat?

Have I refused to take responsibility for my acts?

I am the master of this craft I call my tongue.


Am I in control, or is that all hearsay?