I tried to pull away to no avail.

She had me in a corner.

I knew it, and so did she.


She saw me hesitate.

She saw me try desperately to pull away.

I looked for an escape route; I found none.


Her friendliness was my undoing.

With each smile, she drew me in.

Her understanding anecdotes snared me.


I hoped she wasn’t the one at the cashier’s desk.

I wanted to sneak out of the shop without buying anything.

I was out of luck for she was the one at the checkout counter.


She zeroed in on each hesitation I had.

She pulled them out by the roots.

She had me fair and square.


Oh! Silly me.

Why did I buy what I didn’t need?

Next time I will be less gullible.


I will eat before going window shopping!