“I am terrified,” She mumbled.

She looked around, her face haggard.

She was assailed and knocked down by worries.

The slave master fear tormented her mercilessly.


“I am scared,” She whispered.

She tightly clenched her chattering teeth.

She firmly clasped her trembling hands.

She persistently tried to quiet her anguished heart.


“Will I be OK?”She asked.

She was wounded.

She was worn out.

She was sad and depressed.


“I will, and I need to, I have to make it.” She said.

She looked around with dead, lifeless eyes.

She took tentative steps towards the exit.

She pushed the door open and entered into her battlefield.


“It shall be well!” She shouted

Her eyes lit up.

Her eyes were ablaze.

They lit up with the intense rage that erupted from her soul.


Her resolve, ruthless determination, and drive rose up from the embers of her failures.

She had finally come alive to herself.

Nothing was going to stop her.

She had finally locked onto her purpose.