I love this feeling.

The way the breeze gently caresses my brow.

I love this warm feeling.

The way the sun rays kiss my tired face.


I like this buzz, this constant hum of activity around me.

I like the way spring, gently, steadily brings back to life, the seemingly dead nature.

The sleeping nature around me awakens from their winter slumber.

I like the way nature yawns and stretches and wakes up.


I love these different shades of green and the myriad colours splashed over the landscape.

They paint a masterpiece for my cynical eyes to behold.

I breathe in the fresh, crisp air, lo and behold I am now emerging, awakening.

I come forth from the cold, hard recess of my frozen mind.


I shade off the ice of strife, the cobwebs of doubt and disbelief.

I bask in the warm rays of love and my heart blossoms with hope.