Every time I was around you, I came away drained.

No matter how hard I tried, I was never enough.

Whatever I shared,

Whatever I tried to make you see;

Shrivelled, dried up and died at your feet.

Neglected, rejected.


Tonight, it’s almost the same old story.

I opened the gates of my heart, to let you in.

You seemed to appreciate it.

I was ecstatic, you almost fooled me.

Then the verdict fell.

You deemed that I wasn’t enough.


Your harsh judgment has always crushed me.

It left me second guessing myself.

I  wondered how to achieve this elusive state of “enoughness.”

I have renounced it tonight.

I will no longer chase after this unattainable goal of pleasing you.

For it is all chasing after the wind.


I have finally realized that I am enough.

With all my cracks and crevices, I am enough.

I am enough just being me.

I can grow.

I can improve.

I can be a better version, but always of me.


I am enough!