I’ll have none of them.

I have no patience for the mediocre.

I loathe anything substandard.

Away from me weaklings!


Perfection is the only one allowed close to me.


I am perplexed.

Why does the reflection in my mirror seem off?

I am troubled by this anomaly.

Why does my reflection resemble your broken self?


Loathsome reflection!

It must be a mirage.

What a warped reality!

It cannot be the likeness of this perfect self, named I.


Perfection is the name of the game.


Thus you need to change to be lovely like I.

Is it the truth or am I deluding myself?

If only I can change you, then life will be perfect!

Is it the truth, or a big fat lie I tell myself?


I change you, and then I can improve.

You make a move first, and then I will step out.

Or is it the other way round?

I wonder.