Dreams shattered

Purpose snuffed out.

Laughter cut short.

Lives snuffed out.


It is grievous.

It is heart-wrenching.

It is unfair.

It is horrible.


How do we live on now?


Lovely bird called hope, please do arise.

Peace and justice.

Lovely twins, please do come forth.

Arise like the Phoenix, from the ashes of our pain.


Give in to this horror,

We will not.

Give in to terror,

We will not.


We stand with your loved ones.

We stand with your families.

We stand with your friends.

We stand with your colleagues.


We stand together.


You have left us too soon.

Victims, you are more than that.

Casualties, you are more than that.

Numbers you are not.


You are children, women, men.

You are brothers, sisters, cousins.

You are wives, husbands, fiancées, lovers.

You are nieces, nephews, grandchildren.


You were loved.

You are loved.

We will miss you.

We will remember you.