Who am I?


Am I what you think I am?

Am I what you say I am?

Am I what I think, you think I am?

Am I what I think I am?


Who calls the shots?

Why do I bend over backward? 

To do what I think, you would want me to do.

To do what they, would want me to do.


Who are they?

I do wonder.

They are nameless and faceless.

They dictate my life, don’t they?


They decide what is in and what is out.

They decide what is trending and what is not.

Or do they?

Do they care that much about my life?


Aren’t they caught up in their own life?


So, who am I?

I am what I think I am.

My life will go in the direction of my dominant thoughts.

So, what do I think about myself?


What do I tell me about me?

How do I see myself?

Do I even like myself?

If I don’t, who will?


I stand.

I decide.

I move forward.

I jump.


It is time.

No one can do it for me.


So dear me, stand up and be you.

Be the best you, you know how to be.

That is what matters.

So help me God!