It’s heavy.

Your back’s against the wall.

You are losing your mind.

Your sanity’s slipping away.


You deny yourself sleep.

You deprive yourself peaceful slumber.

You deny yourself a healthy meal.

You enjoy no balanced nourishment.


You deny yourself a relationship.

You deprive yourself any close rapport.

You shut yourself in, no one allowed.

You shut them all out.


Oh, do live one day at a time.

Take it, one hour at a time.

Walk, one minute at a time.

Move forward, one second at a time.


When you can’t move forward, keep going.

When you’ve lost all hope, keep going.

When all your strength is gone, keep going.

When it hurts like crazy, keep going.


Keep moving, even when you’ve hit rock bottom.

Keep moving, one step at a time.

Keep moving, even if you only slither, wriggle.

Keep moving, one desperate crawl at a time.


For my dear friend, it all came to pass.

Yes, this too shall pass.