He looked at his children, wondering how in the world he would manage.

The depth of the loss and grief struck home.

She left too soon.

His life was full up till now, thanks to her.

She was his wife, lover, friend,  companion, a mother to his children and much more.

She smoothed all the daily ruffles.

She pulled together the family fabric.

She had borne his failings.

Where was he to turn to now?He wondered.

Small hands tugged at him, pulling him from his reverie.

His daughter looked up at him.She held his gaze with her big soulful eyes.

Her little fingers clutched his hand in a gesture to comfort him.

It was his undoing.

He broke down and sobbed.

He pulled himself together after much struggle.

Through, his tear veiled eyes he noticed his three other children. They were looking at him with eyes full of understanding.

“It is going to be alright, dad. We will teach you how to take care of us,” said his elder son.

“We will lead you on this journey of discovering life, through her eyes and our eyes.  We will grow together.” added his son.

He breathed in and shook himself out of the stupor that enveloped him.

“I will stand tall again; I will survive, I will live again. Yes, I will get over this loss, even though it seems inconceivable to me now. I will because life goes on. For their sakes, I will be strong. ” He thought to himself.