He’s come back from the watering hole.

By the look of things, the drink must have flowed free and abundant.

Every pore in his body exudes the pungent smell of the precious amber liquid.

Sweet nectar, gushing from the wellspring.

Yes, he drank, profusely and with much gusto.

He seemed to have had more than he could soak in.

He wakes up the next day, parched.

Thirsty, despite drowning himself in this precarious fountain.

He is thirstier than he had been, before arriving at the drinkery.

Without a second thought, he gravitates back to the mirage that beckons him.

Seductive, sublime promises of a tranquil state of quenched thirst.

“This time around, I will belt the drink down.

Then, oh yes! I will be thirsty no more.” He mutters to himself.

He staggers into the yawning, gaping, bottomless watering hole.

The deceitful fountain entices him.

It beckons him with its amber, golden, cold, cruel, empty liquid.




Why wear yourself out?

Why deny yourself necessary slumber?

Why demean yourself with other’s words?

Why deaden yourself to the gaping need?


Need to hold and be held.

Need to behold and be loved.

Need to bestow tenderness and be warmed.

Need to believe and be touched.


Touched by the loving embrace.

Touched by the tender gaze.

Touched by the bubbly laughter.

Touched by the open heart.


A heart that yearns, longs.

All day long.

To be always strong.

Each day bring.

All sweet songs.

To each time ring.


Ring ring ring, this bell.

String string string, these beads.

Strum strum strum, these heartstrings of yours.


Cherish, tenderly love.

Only you, the precious other.



Lo, behold.

Look and be bold.

Hold on to the cherished one.

When cowardly tendencies, come knocking.

When your heart is aching from cold winds that buffet it.

The cold, barren winds of misunderstanding and unresolved issues.

The sand of bitterness, anger, wrath, and rage



Cry groan.

Try frown.

Pry drown.

Sink in this expanse.

This ocean of cold, desolate waters of sorrow and regret that overwhelms.


Hold tight.

Crawl slightly.

Tentative attempt.

Tread softly.

Dread most.

Cry pitifully.


Hide shamefully.

Wait in despair.

Regret deeply.

Hope in need of repair.

Yearn longingly.

Need tender love.



What a sight to behold.

What a night to hold.

A tight embrace to dispel the cold.

A nigh enthralling heady spell.



Full of emotions, memories, and voices.

Full of smells, sounds, and sights.

Full full full overflowing.

Full full full gushing, rushing.


Unstoppable, like water in a dam under pressure.

The unceasing inflow of the rain-gorged rivers.

The dam bursts under the pressure of the inflow.

The water held in check for long, yearning for release.

The dam bursts free, water gushing, rushing.

The water flows haphazard at first and then in a majestuous new river.

A river that flows free, discovering new horizons, a new life with its new facets.



Some don’t care.

Some don’t dare.

Some do tear off.

Some do tear up.



Go forward or stand still.

Go onward or mind steep sloppy slope.

Go yonder or mount the cowardly steed.

Go under or prompt the tremulous shaking feet.



Run on a lonely road.

Walk on.

Sit down.

Lay down.

Crawl, cry, shout.


Whisper, whimper, shriek.

Explode, implode

Exhale, inhale.

Relax, unwind.

Renew, unbind.


Renounce, rewrite, share.

Redeem, unravel.

Rethink, undo.

What a day.

What a life!




Prickly eyes.

Watery eyes.

Blinking eyes.

Restraining eye dews.

Drip drop drip drop.


Sigh sigh.

Sight seeking.

Solace needing.

Sweet oblivion.

Poum poum poum poum.


Worn out, wanderer.

Wallowing, wimpy.

Wanton whining.

Wishing, wondering.

Thud thud thud thud.


Learning, leaning.

Loving, lowering.

Lingering limits.

Looming large.

Love life, live, laugh.